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Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring, Let’s Spy on It’s Beauty!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring, Let’s Spy on It’s Beauty!

Everyone would agree that a harmonious relationship is the beginning of undergoing a happy life. So, we often meet many people who are willing to spend much money to create and build the harmony.

The things we can see in an engagement event for example. Many people who have spent a large budget to get super beautiful engagement ring and spesial. What they do can be interpreted various kinds.

Perhaps the couple considers the moment of engagement is a precious moment that must be shown as the sign of love to his partner. Yes, maybe they used the way to show it by giving a special engagement ring.

Do you know people who did it in their engagement moment?

kim-kardashian-engagement-ringYou exactly right. One of them is Kanye West. West gave a beautiful ring to his girl, Kim Kardashian. Many people who believe in the beauty and also the privilege of Kim Kardashian engagement ring.

Precisely, when her 33rd birthday celebration, Kim Kardashian got romantic surprise from her lover, Kanye West. The rapper was finally proposed to Kim on October 21, 2013.

It was not wonder that Kim showed off her ring since that moment as a sign that she and Kanye have been engaged. Of course, Kim also felt honored when Kanye embed a diamond ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

How come?

As reported by Hollywood Life, Kim was like honored because she didn’t wear just a gorgeous ring but two gorgeous ring Lorraine Schwartz.

As many people has known that Schwartz is the designer of Kim Kardashian engagement ring who had also been requested by the ex-husband of Kim, Kris Humphries, to make a wedding ring with her.

It seemed that he looked not to be gone down by Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye wanted to give a gift and also a message of love that was so special to Kim.


To make it real, Kanye involved himself directly in designing this ring. He consulted to Schwartz for hours to create a special design engagement ring. He searched through his various gemstone types to be used directly in Kim Kardashian engagement ring.

Finally, he chose diamond that would be worn on the ring. He hoped that the diamond looked like floating in the air. It was made of 15-carat diamond. The diamond ring shape was a diamond cushion.

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In this case, everything about this ring was his idea from beginning until end. Ring with a luxury model that estimated costs can range till $1.6 million. Thus, it is aptly said that this ring is so beautiful.

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