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Ruby Engagement Rings Meaning

Ruby Engagement Rings Meaning

Even though the ruby ring is very popular this day, many people don’t even know ruby engagement rings meaning. Ancient people called it as the noble of the gemstones. This means a ruby is the leader of precious stones.

Not to mention ruby is the symbol of social classes. Many aristocrats and high-classes people are really into this ring. In India, people use rubies as the symbol of honor to Krishna.

In Western cultures, rubies become the symbol of love. For centuries, ruby gemstones have been made for jewelry.

Terminology, ruby is called ruber in Latin. It means red. Those who are going to have a wedding often choose this gemstone as their ring ornament.

ruby engagement rings meaning

Rubies in Different Cultures

Ruby becomes popular as it represents emotion and love. Rubies were considered as the most valuable gemstones in the ancient literature and Bible. There are even mystical powers of Ruby. Ancient people had the belief that the stone bears many mystical effects for the people.

It’s closely related to the sun. People considered it to have a positive effect both on physical and mental health. The stone was also thought to have a prophecy. There was a belief among people. Whenever rubies darkened, the danger was coming near. Not all cultures believed such kind of thing, though.

What makes ruby special as the ring ornament for an engagement?

ruby engagement ring meaning

In general, people have a common thought regarding the ruby engagement ring meaning. They consider it as the representation of love, balance, and energy. The gemstone is thought to stimulate a life passion for the wearer.

Ruby rings are able to deal with hyperactivity and exhaustion. The rings are also able to purify the body. For couples, the ring will represent how great their love is. It’s a romantic item to complement the proposal. Not to mention the options vary out there.

The Value of Ruby

Once couples have found out the real ruby engagement ring meaning, they will buy the ring for their engagement. Is there any other shade aside from red?

Well, the gemstone comes in different shades. However, most people choose red ruby as it becomes the symbol of their romance. It also represents the emotions. Moreover, ruby is a particular gemstone that encourages the joy of life in a marriage.

This may ignite the love and fire of an engagement. When it is about the value, ruby rings are as popular as diamonds or any other expensive gemstones. Those who are looking for luxury should pick ruby rings, after all. Birthstones by month of ruby gemstone is July. For those of you who were born in July, there is nothing wrong if you choose a ruby on your ring.

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