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Birthstones by Month? Let’s Find It

Birthstones by Month? Let’s Find It

Same as people, stones also have their own birthday called birthstones. Some other people also call birthstones as stone or gemstone birthday.

Birthstone can be categorized based on many things. It Can bebased on the monthof birth, Zodiac, cultures that developedover time.

Actually, there are many list of birthstones by month. However, in this time here will explain birthstones by month are commonly used in Europe.

birthstones by month of garnet

January is birthstones by month of garnet. Garnet is stone that gives the healing, power and caring. For health, regulates heart rate and blood flow and helps in curing depression.

A long time ago, it is just usually used as souvenir among friends.

birthstones by month of amethyst

Then, February is a birthstone of amethyst. This is connected with some myths about the origin of amethyst itself. The name of amethyst comes from Greek. Amethyst means not drunk.

Amethyst is believed to be used in warding offbad thinkingsand be able toimprove the intelligence. Besides, somepeople assume that Amethystas an antidote tohangovers.

birthstones by month of bloodstone

March is mentioned as a birthstone of bloodstone. This stone is believed to have the ability to stop the bleeding just by touching it.

In addition, bloodstone is believed to have great healing power, such tumor, blood poisoning and draw out toxins from snake bites. Besides, this stone is called bravery Stone because it can increase physical strength by disappearing worries and anxiety.

birthstones by month of diamond

Furthermore, April becomes birthstones by month of diamond.

Appropriate to its name, diamond is a stone that hardest because diamond consists of carbon, the chemical elements that are fundamental to all life, with very high levels of concentration. This causes diamond is believed as a stone that can give luxury and luck for its wearer.

birthstones by month of emerald

Moreover, May is birthstone of emerald. It is known as a symbol of love. This is reflected by the color of emerald itself. This gemstone can be use as rings, brooches, pendants, etc.

This stone is believed to improve intelligence, be repellent diseases and even predict the future. Some people also believe that emeralds can be use as an antidote.

birthstones by month of pearl

Then, next birthstone is June. In this month pearl is born. In Hindu culture, Pearl means symbol of love and purity. But, in Islam pearl is mentioned in Quran as one of the materials found in Heaven.

Pearl is a jewel that made from living things. Pearls are produced by a kind of oysters (shells) which included in the category of mollusks.

When parasites or tiny particles get into the shell, oyster can not expel foreign objects. As a protective mechanism, the oyster will coat the foreign body with mucus expelled from its body. This mucus harden over time to form a pearl. The longer the impurities remain in the body of the oyster, the pearls that are formed will be even greater.

birthstones by month of ruby

Then, July is birthstone of ruby. Ruby becomes the most valuable gemstones in the world for thousands years because the beauty of ruby is mentioned as the most precious of the twelve stones created by God.

Ruby consisting of a red mineral called corundum. Another color of this mineral will be referred to as sapphire. The name of the ruby comes from the Latin word “Ruber” which means red.

Myanmar is one of the regions that producing ruby with the best quality. Moreover, ruby also can be found in Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, and USA.

This gemstone is considered a symbol of love, power, strength, and fortune.

birthstones by month of peridot

August is mentioned as peridot birth stone. Peridot is believed to have the power to give the charm and to drive away evil spirits.

Peridot also have other colors such as green lemon, pale green, and also olive green. These stones are formed due to volcanic activity and also referred to as “the night of emerald”.

Most people can not distinguish between peridot and emerald. The significant difference is the emerald has shades of dark green, while peridot has a yellow tinge in it.

birthstones by month of sapphire

Then, September is birthstones by month of sapphire. It is mentioned as the symbol of truth, sincerity, and loyalty.

Sapphire is one of the four most valuable gemstones (the other three are rubies, diamonds, and emeralds). Just like ruby, sapphire is a type of mineral called corundum.

This gems has various shades of colors including pink, orange, and also lavender (purple). From the variety of colors, blue sapphire is considered the most valuable one. The name of sapphire is believed to derive from the Greek word ‘sapphirus’ which means blue.

birthstones by month of opal

In addition, October becomes birthstone of opal. It is believed as symbol of hope and purity. It is also believed to protect from disease.

Opal name actually means “to see the color change.” Opal is composed of several kinds of colors. White opal has a white color with a rainbow sheen.

Black opal is usually gray, blue, or black. Crystal or water opal is transparent opal or colorless and contain colorful light with fluorescent in it.

Fire opal is usually transparent or translucent opal with orange, yellow, red or sometimes flashed.

birthstones by month of topaz

Next, November is birthstone of topaz. This stone is associated with the sun god “Jupiter”. Thus, it is believed to have the ability to increase the strength, be invisible in a state of urgency, repel sadness and improve intelligence.

Topaz has a variety of colors such as yellow, pale green, blue, pink, brown and also black, while the pure topaz colored translucent and clear. Various colors of topaz impurity element formed by the minor as well as defects in the crystal topaz.

In some cases, topaz color can be changed. For example, the heating will trigger discoloration or brown topaz turn even brighter when dried.

birthstones by month-turquoise

The last is December that is birthstone of Turquoise. This stone has metaphysics power. Thus, it is believed as effective protection from evil eyes in the past.

A gold ring with a gemstone will be a beautiful jewelry. Today, some jewelers have produced a variety of remarkable work for a ring. For those of you who are looking for a ring for your girlfriend, choosing gemstones according to the birth month is not a bad idea.

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