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Amethyst Stone Meaning And Types of Amethyst

Amethyst Stone Meaning And Types of Amethyst

Talking about gemstone, amethyst is one of them that is always searched by stone collector because it has very captivating colors. Birthstones by month of amethyst is February.

The colors of amethyst are pale purple, red-purple, and purple. It is unique that the basic color of amethyst (without impurities) is clear purple. Besides purple, there are also more types of rare amethyst. Those are green and reddish.

Besides the color of it becomes the magnetism of this stone, the meaning of it is also be the attraction of it. If you are a gem lover maybe you have already known amethyst stone meaning.

However, if you are a layman in this term, you certainly want to know the meaning of amethyst, right? Well, you’ll get the information of it here.

meaning of amethyst stone

The word “amethyst” is derived from the Greek word amethustos. It has meaning not intoxicated. Because of it, it can be mentioned that amethyst stone meaning is a stone that is symbolized as stability, peace, balance, internal strength, sincerity and serenity.

In this case, amethyst is used because its benefits. This stone is believed to be effective for treating a variety of health problems related to addiction symptoms, headache, insomnia, arthritis, pain, circulatory system problems, etc.

Hence, because of the beauty and the benefits of amethyst, it is not strange if many people use this stone as jewelry.

amethyst stone meaning

Types of Amethyst Stones

As mentioned above, there are many types of amethyst. However, in this case will be discussed two types of amethyst.

Those are green amethyst and purple amethyst. Naturally, the amethyst is colored purple.

However, the purple one will change become the green by giving the heat to this stone. It is known as the green amethyst. The green amethyst meaning is in some ways similar to amethyst stone meaning. Even, a green amethyst contains healing benefits that is almost the same with common amethyst.

Then, the other type of amethyst is called purple amethyst because the color is purple. Purple color of amethyst is derived from natural radiation or iron impurities.

Generally, amethyst stone is known as purple stone that has beautiful color. Thus, this stone has meaning almost the same with amethyst stone meaning.

Purple amethyst meaning is a stone that symbolizes serenity. The serenity here is often connected with emotional stability and the inner strength.

The strange and stability can help a person’s life, such as healing some diseases, including hearth diseases. Some physical diseases that can be treated by purple amethyst are diseases that related to addiction to alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

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