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More Information on How to Wear A Wedding Ring

More Information on How to Wear A Wedding Ring

When it comes to a perfect wedding ceremony, you can never omit the existence of wedding rings.

Purchasing a couple of wedding rings is an important aspect to think about but you cannot forget how to wear a wedding ring in a proper manner or you will ruin the meaning of your entire wedding ceremony.

The way you wear a wedding ring may sound like a simple issue. Little that you know this simple practice turns out to have a romantic and rich history in our culture.

Where we put the wedding ring actually has an important symbol. Wedding ring finger for women is as important as wedding ring finger for men. More importantly, the wedding bands should be unique and represent your true affection towards your couple.

how to wear a wedding ring

Wedding Ring Finger

It is no secret that most wedding couples in American and western culture consider their fourth finger as their wedding ring finger. They wear the meaningful rings on their ring finger which is located between their pinky and middle finger.

The wedding ring finger for women and men is at their left hands. If you wonder about this old practice of wearing a wedding ring, the following paragraphs will describe the origins of this important wedding custom.

When you start to count from your thumb, the ring finger should be the fourth one, before your little finger. Every civilization in the world has considered this finger as the wedding ring finger.

Every culture seems to have their own reasons behind this wedding custom. Most of them seem to be spiritual and mystical in nature. Many people see their fourth finger as the precursor of spiritual energy that holds magical power.

This traditional custom has existed for more than ten centuries. It was the European cultures that had introduced this custom before it become a general practice in many different countries and religious beliefs.

Despite the fact that it has been practicing for many centuries, we still have a big confusion about the wedding ring finger for men and women. Many wedding couples wonder about the right finger to wear their wedding rings.

We cannot hide the fact that the choice of finger is different from one country to another. Some people choose to wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of their right hand while some other people see their ring finger of their left hand as the better choice.

Those couples who wear their rings on their left hand strongly believe that their left hand has a vein that runs to their heart directly. This particular vein is known as the Vein of Love or Vena Amoris.

This is the most common or biggest reason behind the practice of wearing a wedding ring the left hand. On the other hand, many cultures on this planet consider their left hand is their evil side. It has to be one of the main reasons for them to place their ringlets on the right side.

You have all the rights on how to wear a wedding ring on your wedding day. Just make sure that the culture and belief that you hold have no problem with it.

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