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Getting Inspired by Gemstone Engagement Rings Trend

Getting Inspired by Gemstone Engagement Rings Trend

People often think that diamond engagement rings are the best choice when compared the others. Though it’s true, there are many other gemstone engagement rings trend options out there.

Celebrities and famous people wear those rings and they have inspired couples worldwide. For example is the ring that was worn by Empress Josephine. She was the bride of Napoleon.

The ring becomes popular this day. It uses a gold band furnished by a combination of diamond and sapphire gemstones. What makes the ring special? It has a historical value and it always stunning for any women who wear it for their engagement.

Josephine ring

Kate Middleton’s Ring

Kate Middleton’s ringApart from the Josephine’s ring, there are many other trends including Kate’s ring.

Kate Middleton is one of most inspiring women on this planet. The ring isn’t an exception. She has a blue sapphire ring with unmatched beauty.

It’s, in fact, becomes more popular over time.

This royal ring includes a sapphire stone and an 18k diamond. Prince Charles purchased it for his engagement with Diana in 1981.

The ring belongs to Kate as the wife of Prince William now.

It was a nice gesture proposing the person he loves by using his mother’s ring. Blue sapphire rings are quite popular nowadays.

Next gemstone engagement rings is Jackie Kennedy’s ring. It’s also a beautiful ring that represents both luxury and durability. The ring includes both 2k emerald and 2k diamond. The band of the ring is gold.

Jackie Kennedy’s ring

What about the price? Well, it is worth of a million dollars. The ring is quite unique so many people have taken advantage of it to be their engagement ring. Not to mention the design is very astonishing. This makes the ring very stand out when compared to the others.

The diamonds and emeralds make the ring memorable and interesting. This is a good choice for those who look for absolute beauty from an engagement ring.

gemstone engagement rings trend

Big Ruby Ring 

Another gemstone engagement rings trend is Jessica Simpson’s ring. She’s a famous actress and singer. Her engagement ring is very inspiring, actually.

She has a 5k ring with a big ruby located in the center. There are also 2 diamonds at the side of the primary gemstone.

Why ruby? It’s her birthstone.

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The gemstone symbolizes both love and value. Overall, this ring is very suitable for any couples who are going to have a wedding or engagement. Apart from those rings, we can get inspired by other trends.

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