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Some Options of Butterfly Wedding Band

Some Options of Butterfly Wedding Band

When buying a butterfly wedding band, people look for different things from it. For example, they want to use the rings as the symbol of their marriage and love. The shape of the rings is unique.

The butterfly design is popular due to its meaning. The butterfly has a meaning of rebirth. It also has unlimited boundaries.

At the first glance, people may consider it the same as circle wedding band. Still, a butterfly wedding band is more popular as people can find freedom from that design. Not to mention the rings also symbolize the commitment of the couples. So, what are the options people have?

butterfly wedding band 2

Gold plated butterfly wedding bands are popular these days. This ring represents the entire luxury of a ring.

It is very useful for everyone who aims for something special for a wedding. Not only each level has gemstones on it, but the ring also has a big butterfly ornament in its mid part. The butterfly is furnished by lots of emerald stones.

butterfly wedding band 3

Some people are looking for a vintage style wedding ring with a butterfly design. Well, this ring can satisfy their demand.

The band is made of 15 karat Rose gold metal. It’s the best choice when it is about vintage rings. Plus, there’s is a big diamond in the middle of the ring. It has the shape of a heart, actually. The diamond is surrounded by two butterfly ornaments on the sides.

butterfly wedding band 4

A big diamond sits well in this ring. The design supports the gemstone so much. This means the butterfly concept seems weak in this ring.

However, the rose gold band and a bold diamond gemstone are enough to show the beauty and luxury. The price will be high as well for this ring. The prong mounting is quite sturdy so it can support the gemstone quite well.

butterfly wedding band 5

For women who are really into a butterfly wedding band, this one is a perfect choice. The band is made of platinum. The durability is unquestioned, for sure.

The shape of the butterfly is perfect in this ring. The antennas are made of yellow gold and there are many amethyst gemstones spread all over the wings. There’s only one word to describe the ring. Beautiful!

butterfly wedding band

Some women are looking for a luxurious wedding band with a butterfly design. This is a good example.

The band is made of valuable yellow gold crafted in an excellent way. There are two small butterflies on the sides of a heart-shaped diamond. The band is available in white and platinum metal as well.

What are the best things people can get from butterfly wedding band? Women really love this design.

In fact, men also find it as an elegant, sensitive, and pure design. Couples can show their love and commitment by wearing those rings on their wedding. They can also express the beauty of their love through the rings.

Basically, those rings are both flawless and stunning. To make them more attractive, diamonds are the perfect improvements. What about the band? It can be white gold, silver, yellow, gold, and many other types. The options are quite limitless. Plus, their beauty is unmatched.

butterfly wedding band 6 butterfly wedding band 7 butterfly wedding band 8 butterfly wedding band 9


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