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Aquamarine Wedding Ring Sets

Aquamarine Wedding Ring Sets

When it comes to the wedding ring, many people still stick to the old choice of wedding ring set which is the diamond ring. Even though there is plenty choice of the colored gemstone; the diamond wedding ring set is still the idol of those people.

The aquamarine wedding ring sets bring the wedding ring to a new level as the blue colored gemstone steals the people attention. Aquamarine gemstone is valued for the durability, shine, luster, and depth.

The affordable price and fabulous color make the aquamarine wedding ring set is an alternative to diamond. Here are some designs of aquamarine ring sets for your reference.

aquamarine wedding ring sets 3

The aquamarine is considered to have high durability and fit to daily wear. This gemstone will look stunning in any type of cuts such as square cut, round cut, heart cut, emerald cut, and many more.

As the picture above, the big emerald cut of aquamarine gemstone stands solitaire in a diamond studded white gold band. The simple design of solitaire stone makes the aquamarine stone look so stylish.

The men’s ring is only a simple thin white gold band studded with diamonds suitable for those who like a simple ring.

aquamarine wedding ring sets

Whatever the cut, aquamarine gemstone indeed is very attractive in its own way. Take a look at the square cut light blue aquamarine gemstone above; standing solitaire in white gold ring band will make everyone fall in love at the first sight.

The brilliant cut combines with diamonds studded white gold band. The same design is also applied to the men’s wedding ring which is made from the white gold band and studded with a diamond. It is indeed a lovely wedding ring set.

wedding rings with aquamarine stones 2

If you want to stay in the classic style; the wound cut aquamarine gemstone with the yellow gold band is a great choice. The yellow gold band is detailed with smaller aquamarine stones. The combination of yellow and blue color indeed brings out the classic style as well as the glamour.

aquamarine wedding ring sets 2

For a more simple design, the solitaire aquamarine gemstone is always the good opt. The big size of the stone never fails to take the ring into an attention stealer. The combination of the aquamarine stone and white gold really enhances the blue hues.

It will shine brighter and more brilliant. The men’s wedding ring is only a simple white gold band which is studded with diamonds.

wedding rings with aquamarine stones

The above wedding ring design is suitable for those who still not brave enough to break the traditional design. The aquamarine gemstones flank the square cut white diamond. The white diamond reflects the blue hue from the aquamarine stone.

The ring band is made of white gold and detailed with the combination of white diamonds and aquamarine gemstones.

It is important to choose the right ring band to be matched with aquamarine gemstones. The yellow gold will enhance the classic style while the white gold or platinum enhances the blue hue more than the yellow gold.

If you are looking for a non-traditional wedding ring set, the aquamarine wedding ring sets can be the alternatives to break the tradition.

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