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The Right Wedding Ring For Mens Finger

The Right Wedding Ring For Mens Finger

Wedding is one of the most awaiting moment in life. It’s important not only for women but also men. Hence, it is often that men spend long hours to choose what kind of ring that is suitable to wear at the wedding ceremony.

Wedding ring for men is varied. The rings come in different styles and metals. Hence, it is quite frustrating to choose one of them if you don’t have personal style in you.

It will get easier if you have already known what you like and what you want. Here are the examples of wedding ring based on style:


Classic or vintage wedding ring       

This kind of wedding ring is one that never dies. It still exists because lots of people believe that classic ring will bring love to eternity. The classic style wedding ring has simple design without any complex addition.

Modern wedding ring       

Unlike the classic style, modern wedding rings for men come in various styles. There are many options that you can choose. Some are polished to give off the effect to the color. With various cut and model, this kind of ring is usually chosen by dynamic people who likes modern life.


Metals for mens wedding ring finger are many as women’s. Basically, there is no significant differences between men and women wedding rings. What they choose is usually based on what they like.

So, for you who likes manly things, you don’t need to be worry in choosing wedding ring from gold or diamond because you may have it in your own style. Here are metals that usually used in wedding ring.


Gold is the most common metal in jewelry. Women loves gold because it has beautiful shine and it shows luxury.

Its purity makes it easy to work out as jewelry. However, gold is too soft, that’s why it’s always mixed with another metals.

There are many types of gold as choices such as white gold, rose gold, gold, plated and so on.


This metal is usually chosen by most men. It is also one of metals allowed by Islamic law to be worn by men. The pure silver is soft, like gold making it needs to be mixed with another metals as well.

Beside the two metals above, there are others metals used for wedding band or men finger rings. Hence, feel free to choose the most suitable one.


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