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Do Men Get Engagement Ring Like Women?

Do Men Get Engagement Ring Like Women?

Engagement ring is essential for women. When a man asks his woman to be his wife, a ring is like a witness of his love.

Hence, it is important to choose the right ring for woman. When a man decides to engage with his woman, choosing a ring will be quite difficult to do.

There are some important things to consider. Such as:

– Finger size  

Every woman has different ring finger size. Before you buying an engagement ring for your woman, make sure that you know her finger size. However, it’s inappropriate to ask her directly. You can measure her finger by comparing to your finger without her being noticed.


– Metals and style  

Engagement rings consist of different metals. You can choose based on your woman’s favorite. There are silver, gold, platinum, and other alternative metals. Then, there are also various style you can choose based on your woman’s personality. You can see her personality as glamorous, traditional, simple, outdoorsy, and so on. It influences the style of the ring they like.

engagementringFor you (men) who will choose engagement ring for women for the first time, it will be a challenging task to do.

However, if you find difficulties in choosing the ring, you may ask the jewelry design guide.

They will help you to find the right engagement ring. You just need to specify what kind of woman is your couple, what she likes, what her personality is, and of course her finger size.

Hence, you will find the ring that suits your woman’s finger best.

Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

In engagement, oftenly the focus is only to the women. Hence, the question like do men get rings in engagement moment? Actually, engagement is different from proposing. However, some people are mistaken engagement as proposing, hence only women get the ring.

In engagement, both can get rings. Because engagement is something that has been discussed before the ceremony held. Some tradition require men to purchase the engagement rings.


However, there are also couple who shop the rings together and split the payment equally. It depends on couple’s agreement. There is no specific rules or obligation about who should pay for the rings or who should get the rings. Both men and women has equal rights in engagement.

However, most men like to surprise his women by purchasing the engagement rings. And mostly, that’s what the women like the most.

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