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Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring for Bride to Be

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring for Bride to Be

Sapphire is one of the favorite stones that is usually used to decorate the jewelry. The beauty and the various color of the sapphire stones make it is very suitable for the jewelry in wedding and also in engagement ring.

Then, the pink sapphire engagement ring is one of the kinds of sapphire stones for bride to be. What is the difference between this pink sapphire with the others?

Of course, this pink sapphire is more feminine so that it will be nice for women in order that the women will look more beautiful and also elegant by wearing this pink sapphire ring. Do you still curious about this engagement ring? You will find several great rings with the pink sapphire as in the paragraphs below.


Moreover, the same with the other sapphire, this pink sapphire engagement ring also has several beautiful designs for the bride to be. First, the golden ring becomes the ring that is decorated with this sapphire. The round and big pink sapphire seemed dominant in the ring. Added with the diamond surrounding the sapphire, the ring becomes more beautiful.


Besides, for the second design, there is the combination of the black ring with the pink sapphire on the top of it. The ring itself is designed in complicated but attractive shape, and for the pink sapphire is a little bit big on the top and several little sapphire stones in the circle of the ring.


After that, the next design will be used in pink sapphire engagement ring is the white gold. In this case, in this white gold ring, there are the pink sapphire that is combined well with diamonds. This pink sapphire itself is put on the top of the ring, meanwhile, the little diamonds are spread on the ring to make the glitter effect in this engagement ring.


Next, the big sapphire in oval shape is put on the white gold ring. The big size of the sapphire stone here emphasize the feminity of this ring, and added by the diamonds on the right and left side of the sapphire stone, the ring looks so attractive for engagement moment.


Last, it still uses the oval sapphire in this pink sapphire engagement ring. What makes it different is the spread of the little diamonds surrounding the sapphire stone and also on the ring.

From all of the discussion on the previous passage, you have known that at least there are five designs which can be the best ideas for the engagement moment. Hence, you can choose the ring with the big pink sapphire, the little one, or even you can choose the pink sapphire which is combined with the diamonds.

Besides, you also can choose the material of the ring such as the golden, black ring and the white gold one. By choosing the best design of the pink sapphire engagement ring, of course you can find the best memorable moment of the engagement before you get married with the one we love.

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