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Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

The popular choice for engagement ring and wedding ring is yellow and white gold ring style. However, if you are tracking back to the Victorian era, the rose gold wedding ring was reaching its peak popularity.

Yes, the pink to deep rose jewelry is quite a trend back then, but do you know what actually the rose gold jewelry is.

The rose gold is not a natural gold in pink color; it is a mixture or alloy of natural yellow gold and copper – sometimes also mix with zinc and silver. The darker the color of the rose gold indicates the higher copper content while the lighter the rose gold color shows lower copper content as well as mixture of silver or zinc.

The rose gold jewelry is available in various karats options which are 14K, 10K, 9K, and many more. Comparing to yellow or white gold jewelry, the rose gold can be considered less expensive than the white gold depends on the alloy. White gold usually has nickel alloy which is prone to trigger reactions.

The rose gold ring is suitable if you are looking for long lasting wedding bands. Here are some examples of rose gold ring design which can be your reference.


If you like the feminine touch for your wedding ring, the pink gold ring as in the picture above is perfect for you. The pink band with solitaire clear diamond is an excellent combination for a simple yet elegant wedding ring.


The above design ring is very elegant with vintage style. The big clear diamond is surrounded with smaller diamonds as well as in the band. The rose gold bands give sheer reflection to the diamond which makes it appears in pinkish color. This rose gold ring is suitable for you who are confident.


Vintage style ring is always the trend such as the above design which the upper side of the ring is full with carving. The detailed carving is completed with solitaire clear diamond. You can see that the rose gold ring has deeper color which means it has more copper mixture in the recipe. However, the deep rose gold will do good with any skin tone.


If you are looking for more cheerful design, this one will suit you best. The pale pink ring with pink diamond can never be wrong. The contrast color adds more beautiful touch to the ring. Moreover, the solitaire diamond ring clarifies the overall beauty. This ring design is suitable for those who are cheerful and bright personality.


The combination of rose gold ring with pink diamond is always a good combination. The pink diamond is surrounded with smaller clear diamond as well as in the band which gives mature sense.

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You can also combine the rose gold ring with other colored diamond since the contrast color creates the beauty. Besides the mature sense, this ring also has the vintage touch.

Rose gold wedding ring can be your good alternatives for the different wedding ring choice with plenty beautiful design and affordable price.

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