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The Beauty of Emerald Wedding Rings

The Beauty of Emerald Wedding Rings

A beauty of emerald wedding rings is undisputed. When people hear about emerald, they will recall about a beautiful and green gemstone. Emerald is an impressive gemstone with sturdy quality gemstone.

Although it isn’t a flawless gemstone, it’s quite rare and expensive. Their hardness becomes the most important value. When choosing an emerald wedding ring, you should consider its saturation, shade, and the tone.

Speaking of emerald wedding rings, there are many designs and styles available on the market. Choosing the best one without a reference will be a daunting job. Thus, you should spend much time comparing available emerald rings out there.

Princess Cut Emerald Ring with a Diamond


An astonishing emerald wedding ring comes with a big diamond gemstone in the middle part of the ring. There are four emerald gemstones surrounding the precious diamond. It offers both the brilliance and allure for the wearer.

The lovely design will enhance woman’s beauty while wearing it during engagement day. The diamond clarity of this ring isn’t a joke. In the terms of the emeralds, they have small shape with a beautiful shine. All the emeralds come with amazing quality and good color tone.

Emerald and Diamonds Ring in White Gold


Diamonds always become the perfect ornaments for the emerald wedding rings. This ring comes with an oval shaped emerald with two diamonds. These gemstones sit gently on the sturdy white gold band. It provides sparkling and vibrant beauty for the wearer.

The oval emerald will be the highlight of the ring. The small diamonds play the role as the emerald’s guardian on a white gold setting. What’s the value of white gold settings? It’s quite different than yellow gold as it has the mixture of zinc. It gives the mixture look grayer. 

Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring


This halo ring comes with a huge emerald. It represents the top-notch allure of a wedding ring. It’s indeed dazzling in every way as this combination of diamond and gemstone ring will be a highlight in your special day.

They sit peacefully on a white gold setting. The halo ring has been a popular choice among the others. It encloses a center emerald in a set of round-paved small diamonds. These diamonds will draw the attention to the middle part of the ring.

Rose Gold with a Big Emerald Ring


A rose gold with a big emerald wedding ring offers both antique and fancy style. The big emerald in the center of the ring represents the firmness and solid beauty. They are linear-paved small diamonds sat gently on the rose gold setting. They add the brilliance of the ring with fancy borders. This ring is perfect for those who look for boldness in the term of beauty.


Aside from the design, it’s imperative to compare emerald wedding rings by their clarity. Most emeralds have some fissures on the exterior so you can specify their quality depending on transparency. Due to their imperfections, emerald wedding rings are unique. You can determine the best choice without much hassle. It means that you can buy different cuts depending on the quality.

When it comes to the emerald wedding rings treatment, you may include a particular process such as an oiling. It’s to seal all the fissures for improving the clarity and firmness of the gemstone. All designs above are easy to maintain using cedar oil.

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