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Pink Pearl Engagement Ring for Unique Sense

Pink Pearl Engagement Ring for Unique Sense

When you are looking for a unique engagement ring, you can never go wrong with pearl. The pearl ring is a unique and timeless choice which symbolizes the harmony, purity, and perfection.

You can use the pearl for single or multiple uses or even combine it with diamond and other gemstones.

Before decide to buy the pearl ring, you should consider purchasing from a reputable retailer to avoid fake pearls. In general there are three types of pearls in the market: the first, cultured pearls which is produced by placing a small cuts of irritants or shell beads into an oyster to trigger it produces the pearls cultivation.

This kind of pearl has the same quality with the natural pearl but comes at more affordable price since it is widely cultivated. Second is the saltwater pearl which is considered more expensive than the other pearl types. The last is freshwater pearl which can be found widely in rivers or lakes in many countries.

Pearl comes in various size, shape, and colors. There is tear-drop shaped pearl; however, the perfect shape for the ring is the round shape one. Instead of white, pearl is also available in gold, black, cream, pink, green, blue, and many more. If you are interested in having pearl for engagement ring, here are some design ideas for your reference.


The pink pearl is a perfect match with the yellow gold band. You do not need elaborate carving or additional diamond and gemstones to enhance the beauty. It is already beautiful even in single use. As in the picture, the pink pearl engagement ring with the yellow gold band has the simple and feminine touch. It will perfectly fit for you who like something elegant and simple at once.


If you want something more glamor, you can combine the pink and white pearl into one ring. Using the white gold band and some small diamonds in the edge; this pearl ring is a good combination of cute and glamor.


In general, even if pearl works well in multiple uses, but its beauty will shine more in a single use. As you see in the picture above, you can use the big and well-rounded pink pearl for the center and surround it with small diamonds. The diamonds and the white gold band add more shine to the pearl.


Another design for single use pearl as in the picture above; detail carving for the band will create the art. The detailed carving like a wood branch appears as the pearl holder. This design is very pretty for your beautiful day.


If you want to have pearl ring which can beat the big diamond; this ring design will perfectly fit your need. You can use three different pearl colors in cream, pink, and brown which tangled to each other. To fill the empty space, you can add some small diamonds for more shine. The combination of white and yellow gold also adds more beauty to the ring.

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Pearl ring can be considered cheaper than diamonds; however some pearls type can be surprisingly more expensive than the traditional diamond ring.

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