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Wooden Wedding Rings Ideas and the Consideration

Wooden Wedding Rings Ideas and the Consideration

So, you must have a dozen of gold and silver rings with various stones in your drawer and now you are trapped in the middle of wedding ring choice.

It is never an easy option to choose the right wedding ring.

There are lots of wedding ring options ranging from antique to the self-design wedding ring but choose wedding ring base on personality is not that easy.

A wooden wedding ring is a good option for those who are an eco-friendly consumer. Besides the good for the planet consideration, the wooden wedding ring is also very affordable compared to a metal wedding ring.

The main material of this kind of wedding ring is wood in which collected without damaging the planet. It means that the wood is hand collected from the fallen branches without the need to cut down the tree. This very careful wood collection is important to make sure the tree existence especially the endanger tree. Wooden rings also use toxic-free and safe glue in the crafting process.

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woodenweddingringsideas02There are many kinds of wood that usually crafted into wedding rings such as oak, sandalwood, mahogany, ebony, and many other rare kinds of wood.

Jewelry designer usually combine the basic wood material with metals and gemstones or eve pearls.

The wooden wedding rings for women can be considered as a limited edition since it is made according to order, therefore, there will be no exact piece.

Wooden rings for women indeed require special care to maintain the quality. Once the wooden rings start to show dullness, use a wood balm to keep the wooden wedding rings for women in good condition.

To maintain the good quality, you should also be very careful not to wear the ring while bathing, swimming, doing manual works, or anything which prone to have contact with chemical substance because it can damage the ring. One thing to remember about this kind of wedding ring is it cannot be resized.

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Throughout the time when you gain weight and the finger size change; the wooden wedding rings can no longer to be used. However, the jeweler who made the wooden rings usually take responsibly for lifetime guarantee in which you can ask for the same ring but different size.

For your wooden wedding rings ideas, you can combine your favorite metal and gemstones as shown in the below picture. The elegant brown wood is combined with mighty white gold and embellish with brilliant clear diamond.


The shiny brown color of the wood will accelerate with the existence of diamond. The best wood to be matched with diamond is mahogany or walnut while ebony can be a perfect match for pearls. The simple wood can be exclusive wooden wedding rings for woman.

Before buying the wooden wedding rings for women, you should do some quick research for the best jeweler. Choose the jeweler which has an exchange, re-polishing, and lifetime guarantee. For the best wooden wedding rings ideas and design, you can have a consultation with trusted jeweler to make the wedding rings which truly match with your personality.


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