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The Natural Design of the High-accented Green Wedding Rings

The Natural Design of the High-accented Green Wedding Rings

Green is a color between yellow and blue which might be associated with the nature, youth, spring and also hope. Moreover, this kind of color is also highly associated with the fertility in some places where it might be good for everyone.

You might be also a big fan of this color though where it might also symbolize the lush vegetation of paradise, nobility and also the environmental movement. All you could find is the positive characteristic from this kind of natural color.

What we mean here is that you could bring all of those positive elements into your life and wedding might be a good moment for bringing them all into the new page of your life. So, starting from this point, you might also think of wearing the green attributes on your wedding day.

If you think that the green wedding gown is just too much for you and your couple, you could just wear the green wedding rings since it would be sufficient to represent them all.


The green wedding rings could be so various actually. The silver ring with green gemstones can be the first option if you want to choose a green wedding ring for the ceremony. You could freely pick the desired design which might be enough to portray your relationship.

For the design itself, the green color of wedding rings might be produced from the different materials. Some of them might be established from the embellishment such as the gemstone and some might be from the basic material itself. It is quite basic actually for most of the wedding ring employs the gemstone to break the monotonous and vary the look of it.


If you don’t like the first option, you can choose another design, which are the green rings with the silver line in the middle. The design is really simple but if you wear those rings with the green gowns, it would be good.


Some people may like the green wedding rings with some black diamonds as the motives. It’s so stylish but elegant. You can also put your name and your couple’s name in the inside part of the ring.


If you think the previous rings are so simple, then you might take a look at this design which has the black color with some green diamonds and a green gemstone at the top. It’s glowing under the light and very good to be worn at night.


Quite similar with the previous one, this is the ring that some people like to use. The green wedding ring with a big green gemstone at the top and some small diamonds in the circle make it so beautiful and amazing.

The abundant colors offered by the gemstone would make the ring to be more colorful, more accentuated and obviously more stylish. For the green color of the green wedding rings itself, you might utilize some of the gemstone like emerald or jadeite for the honest green.

The 14K of white and gold often pairs these kinds of gemstone though. Together, they make the firm combination of wedding rings which calls the most natural characteristic of the green color such as spring, hope and fertility. For the unusual look of the green gemstone, you might want to try the amblygonite for the pale and faded green.

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Beside of employing the gemstone, the green color of the green wedding rings might also be produced by the basic material.

Let’s say, the inlay model of green wedding rings prefers the customized platinum for making the green tone. The same thing also happens for any mossy wedding ring where it tends to be more eccentric and natural. It suits for any outdoor wedding after all.

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