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Find Your Cheap White Gold Wedding Rings

Find Your Cheap White Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is really common for material for wedding ring. However, white gold is also starting to become a trend for many people. Indeed, the material for creating this ring is not purely from gold anymore.

Some cultures may say it is not good replacement for the real gold. However, it is the cheap and efficient solution for conducting wedding that usually costs so much money. If you happen to decide choosing cheap white gold wedding rings, here is a list of recommendation that may work well on both of you.

The first is basically plain wedding ring without any gemstone or diamond embellishment. Compared to most types of engagement ring, wedding ring tends to be simpler as to declare that they love simplicity.

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Regardless of the simplicity, there is a phrase of “from me to you” which is really cute and perfect for declaring as well as establishing relationship.


This 9 carat white gold ring is suitable for those who need very simple ring. Compared to previous wedding ring, this item band does not have any carving of writing inside.

As replacement, the shoulder is designed as channel in which it is like brushed by steel wool. The random and artistic brush gives additional value of cheap white gold wedding ring.


If both of you do not like something very simple just like the above items, you probably need this ring instead. Patterned with leaves and stars, you will find this ring beautiful and meaningful. Not too many people own such ring model for their wedding day. In addition, the leaves symbolize life which makes the oath more sacred and meaningful.


Going back into simple wedding ring, this wedding ring tries to answer the first and second previously mentioned ring. This ring has two channels accompanied by three other raised bands. The raised part has brushed finish making it rough and scratched surface. Though it is cool, you may not want to be burdened with its weight.


If you do not like all of those mentioned rings, there is another ring that may suit your need. This is absolute simple ring due to its sleek, clean, and neat appearance. Though it is really simple, it does not mean bad. Instead, it reduces the complexity that some people say as too much when all outfit is combined.


There are definitely enough numbers of cheap white gold wedding rings that you can purchase. Those are all the best that you can find on the market. Indeed, you take another ring outside of the list, yet mostly they will be just the same.

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