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Elegant Dolphin Wedding Rings

Elegant Dolphin Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is one of the most important elements in the wedding ceremony. After the grown and the bride saying their vow, they are usually exchanging wedding rings for one another.

Actually, there’s no rule that saying that you have to wear a wedding ring. But, it’s still excited for many people to do that. There are so many designs for wedding ring nowadays. And this time, this article will do some reviews for dolphin wedding rings.

Sounds a bit strange? Well, this wedding ring was designed using dolphin as the role model of the design. But don’t worry; there’ll be no cute design for dolphin. Instead, the designs will be so beautiful and elegant. So, are you excited about the dolphin ring?


So, let’s start elegant dolphin wedding rings with the pure golden of dolphin wedding ring. This wedding ring has the basic design of round-shape ring with flower and leaves shape in the head of the ring. Above the flower and leaves design, there is a dolphin-shaped decoration that has the same color as the ring; it’s golden color.


The second ring has mode simple design of round-shaped ring with two dolphin-shaped as the head of the ring. The dolphin shape itself is not as shown as the first ring yet you can still seeing the shape if you see the ring carefully. There’s a small diamond on the left side of the dolphin surface. This ring is also using all golden concepts.


The third wedding ring is the elegant gold ring in golden color with simple round-shape design. The ring is using the typical round-shaped ring for men, which has thickened at the edges of the ring. The dolphin-shaped has decorations in the middle of the ring along the ring. So we got many small dolphins in the ring. The color of the dolphins is the same golden color.


The fourth dolphin ring is the classic yet elegant wedding ring. This ring is using dark golden color for the main color of the ring with many small dolphins for the decorations. This ring basically similar with the third ring but the dolphins in the fourth ring faces each other, so they are not in the same formation.


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The fifth ring is the elegant wedding ring that has the round-shape yet not full round since only the edges and the middle ring that has the ring’s design. The dolphin in this ring has the same formation as the third ring, but in this ring the dolphin has the diamond as the eye. Well, those are five examples of dolphin wedding rings.


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dolphinweddingrings10 dolphinweddingrings11 dolphinweddingrings12 dolphinweddingrings13


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