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Considering The Mickey Mouse Wedding Rings

Considering The Mickey Mouse Wedding Rings

Walt Disney and his cartoon series and movies have become an integral part of the life of many individuals in the planet. We cannot hide the fact that many young girls out there who dream to have a perfect wedding day well covered with their most favorite Disney theme.

There are many brides who actually dress in the same or similar wedding dress that we see in Disney’s movies or cartoon series.

In order to complete their Disney wedding theme, Mickey Mouse wedding rings have to be the most ideal option. It could be the best and the most romantic way to signify your love towards your lover.

There are many different Disney characters that have become a source of inspiration for creating wedding rings and other ornaments. The one that resembles Mickey Mouse has to be the most popular choice in the market. Should you have a great interest in wearing a Mickey Mouse wedding ring on your wedding day, you might want to take a look at the following pictures.


A simple drawing of Mickey Mouse’s head would be a primary part of the Disney wedding ring. You can make it more personalized or even more meaningful by adding some engravings on the inside part of the ring. It can become a nice customization idea as well. Just make sure you shop from a renowned jeweler that offer some custom services.


Disney world is such an interesting place filled with many different colors. You can also resemble those lively ambiance in your Mickey Mouse wedding band. The picture clearly shows a complicated design in making the Mickey Mouse stones look more attractive than the supporting colorful stone on both sides.


You can also have your Mickey Mouse come in a simple design. However, it does not mean that the simple design reflects a cheap appearance. These two Mickey Mouse rings are well complemented by  innumerable precious stones. Perhaps, that what makes them a classy option for you.


Mickey Mouse ring for wedding may also come in a set. You can have them in an identical design or even opt for more creative additions on each ring. It would be a nice choice for Mickey Mouse huge fans.


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It might be a little hard to notice the Mickey Mouse character in these wedding rings. But after a few seconds, you will see that the Disney character is well placed in the middle of the ring designs. In a nutshell, Mickey Mouse wedding rings should be an integral part of your Disney-themed wedding day.


MickeyMouseweddingrings06 MickeyMouseweddingrings07 MickeyMouseweddingrings08 MickeyMouseweddingrings09



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