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Best of Clearance Wedding Rings

Best of Clearance Wedding Rings

Finding the best Clearance wedding rings may be the best choice for you if you want to hold a wedding. As the name suggests i.e. clearance, most of the rings will have pure color which is basically achieved from diamond or synthetic one.

The real wedding ring from clearance is consisted with the real diamond whereas other ring producers use other means to achieve similarities while pushing the cost as low as possible. Here are some possible designs from clearance. Please be aware before purchasing because the diamond may be fake.

This wedding ring made by Clearance does not seem usual especially for woman. The model is like combination from both men’s and women’s design. This combination is executed well thus creating decent wedding ring even for casual use. It is possible due to contrastive tone as well as smooth separation between every element on it.


While the previous ring is combination, this ring tends to be more feminine in all respects. Looking at its attachment, you will feel the glory and luxury of this beautiful wedding ring. In addition, the S curve also adds up the authenticity as well as noticeability of the ring. The gemstones are also neatly arranged thus making it nice to see.


We have explored the black combination of the Clearance wedding ring, and now it is the time for yellowish combination. The yellowish band comes from its basic material –gold. Twisted by attached diamonds around the shoulder, the diamond’s head completes its beautiful and luxurious appearance. This wedding ring is suitable for you who love to add color for your ring finger.


This model is almost similar to the previous one except the absence of gemstone as well as its mounting. This ring seems like regular ring since there is no gemstone. What makes it different and unique, is the twisted band which seems like barbershop pole except there is three channels filled with diamonds. Due to yellowish band, you may need to adjust it with your skin color to achieve perfect match and beauty.


The last design is quite nice and futuristic. It is actually not only because of its metallic material, but it is also because of sharp-edged channel. The channels of diamonds also have two contrastive colors making it appear elegant and worthy.


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Clearance wedding rings come with many variations. However, the channel of diamonds remains exists in most design making it signature or characteristic of this wedding ring. If you love this characteristic, you may consider wearing it in the next wedding.


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