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Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Before going to the next level in a marriage process, typically there is an engagement activity for declaring that couples are connected. Declaring marriage is not only performed by saying, but it also performed by giving ring to the woman.

If you want to declare your seriousness towards her while there is not too much fund collected, you may consider cheap women diamond engagement rings under 200.

Here is the list of those rings that you may purchase


When you have decided to purchase a cheap women engagement ring, I assume you already know your partner’s characteristic. If your girl loves simplicity and casual accessories, this ring will be the most special item that your girl will receive.

This ring also has its partner which is matched to the elegant style without the black diamond. Therefore, it will be great for you to appear casually and luxuriously without spending too much money.


If your girls are slightly classy, the first engagement ring may not be great for you. This sleek ring with diamonds is the great solution. This luxury ring gives respectable aura for surroundings when worn because of its shiny and sparkly effect. Though there is no pair from this ring, it works great for classy women.


White diamond ring is too common in design. Therefore, finding the ring with different band color will be great. This cheap women diamond engagement ring under 200 is beautified with combination of pure diamond white and yellowish accent. It works great for any women who want to appear casually and noticeably.  This ring is considerably more expensive since the diamond is circling around the band. However, it will be extremely beautiful in the finger.


This ring is quite distinctive from the rest because it has square head instead of round. This square head works great in making people’s eyes dazzled because of its unique appearance.  This engagement ring is priced at $130, and you may acquire it in some online shops. Since not all part of the ring band is filled with diamond, it gives decent quality while retaining its cheap price.


This silver ring is almost similar to the last two models. While the previous looks very good for classy women, this diamond ring is great for more casual women. With its oval sapphire, this ring is definitely elegant and luxurious. Fortunately, you do not have to spend too much money on this ring because of its sterling silver as the gemstone.

Those are all some cheap women diamond engagement rings under 200 that you can purchase now. You can also consider other model if your girl has very unique characteristic to match with.

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